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Im Not Ok (i Promise) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
IM A Wishful Thinker

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how do you do ma'am [Mar. 14th, 2005|01:43 am]
IM A Wishful Thinker
[What's The Mood Of The Moment |cheerfulcheerful]
[Song Of The Day |The Bled-Red Wedding]

well me and jamie hung out today it was good it was real good we had a great time i was hanging out with jake then jamie came home and then we were all hanging out then yeah and jake fell asleep so me and jamie hung out for a bit and talked for a long while and she told me she liked the way i acted today and that it was cool she likes the mature me and stuff and so do i, i guess well theres more to what happened tonight but i dont feel like typin it cause im tired and im gonna go to bed aand im not going to school tomarrow

yall have a fantastic night
i did

thanks bye!
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man [Jan. 23rd, 2005|05:55 pm]
IM A Wishful Thinker
[What's The Mood Of The Moment |calmcalm]
[Song Of The Day |Far From Eden-Strike Up The Band]

it has been sometime since i last did a journal like i said i probley am not going to continue but a few more wont hurt anyways alot has happened both in the new year and in the last year first off me and tyler have had the idea for a little bit now and its finnally coming together we are starting a band and the name of it will be New Berlin catchy huh? anyways imnot picking up an eletric guitar for this band no i will be on bass this time round and on lead mic so thats that part then ive been in some arguements and stuff like that nothing really new got new classes me and ruthie sorta starting talking again me and jamie are good and things of that nature but thats about it ill see you guys in about a month oh and by the way its my birthday friday the countdown starts today! yeah 17 should b interesting ill see yall have fun and take it easy

thanks bye

the everknown mr.mann
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damn [Dec. 8th, 2004|04:51 pm]
IM A Wishful Thinker
[What's The Mood Of The Moment |boredbored]
[Song Of The Day |Emery- The Secret]

well its been some time since i have last wrote in this thing so im gonna pretty much end this lj with this entry this will probley be my last one and i just felt like writing in it so im gonna go for it but uhh emery, boys night out, and fftl rocked i pased out in fftl cause it was so damn hot and ooh and joey gave me the most kick ass shirt next to my emery shirt and my from first to last shirt and my boys night out shirt its my new STAR WARS SHIRTMOTHER FOCKER!!!!!! its so cool oh and i learned a few new songs on my guitar and im being asks for an aditoin into a hardcore band from church yes i go to church now uhh lemme see uhh thats about it not to much to cool has happened so im gonna go ahead and go ill see yall later and have a good one this is eric mann good night and take it easy

much love

thanks bye
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well [Oct. 20th, 2004|08:09 pm]
IM A Wishful Thinker
[What's The Mood Of The Moment |hyperhyper]
[Song Of The Day |Daphne Loves Derby-Hopeless Love]

had a great day got out early chilled ate food umm chilled with jamie,jake,joey,jordyn, and ashley and we had a good time and i had a good time at school anyways im gonan go ill see you late

thanks bye
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man [Oct. 18th, 2004|11:00 am]
IM A Wishful Thinker
[What's The Mood Of The Moment |tiredtired]
[Song Of The Day |From First To Last-Secretes Don't Make Best Friends]

not in school today cause im sick so anyways i should go tomarrow i got a new third period finally yes!!

thanks bye

love you jamie
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well hell bell smell tell fell yell dwell [Oct. 13th, 2004|03:38 pm]
IM A Wishful Thinker
[What's The Mood Of The Moment |happyhappy]
[Song Of The Day |15 Minutes Late-Buired]

haha whats up guys got my report card bahahahahad and i should get my permit again soon maybe ill be able to keep it this time andyways im trying to take care of my classes and my math teacher is really starting to piss me the fuck off and i threw a marker at her board today and she said i tried to throw it at her and i said if i wanted to hit you i would have and she was like no you aimed for me and i was like see that piece of paper on the wall and threw another marker at it and hit it i was like now see if i wanted to hit you i would have and she said she was gonna write it down i threw a marker at her board cause i have been asking her to teach me something for about a week now and she keeps telling me to look in my book and check with my teamates and they dont know either so i got pissed and you knwo but anyways im gonna go tomarrow i get ungrounded yes! longest 2 weeks of my life

love you jamie

thanks bye
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haha! [Oct. 7th, 2004|10:02 pm]
IM A Wishful Thinker
all i gotta say
To pick up jamie: Got two nipples for a dime?

To pick up jamie offenberg: Do you have a Bandaid? Cos I just scraped my knee falling for you.

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this will be my last night alive [Oct. 7th, 2004|05:57 pm]
IM A Wishful Thinker
[What's The Mood Of The Moment |happyhappy]
[Song Of The Day |The Used-Im A Fake]

howdy everyone whats up not alot here i havnt gone to school a whole lot this week i mean ive been there everyday but ive been skipping so ha umm anyways things are going really good and i hope they kind of stay on this out look for a while but i dont know you know they say all good things must come to an end.....i wonder when they make those sayings do they say them because its happened to them enough times for them to reconiZe it and make a good saying or do they make those saying and they some how start to come true....hmm i dont know but anyways im gonna go i dont know when ill be ungrounded yet so blah ill see you guys late love you jamie and love to everyone else

thanks bye

oh also i got my sisters kicked out oh yes oh yes damn good for nothing lazy asses becky moving her stuff out is the most labor ive seen her do in years haha bye guys
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(no subject) [Sep. 30th, 2004|07:51 am]
IM A Wishful Thinker

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hahahahahahaha thats funnny
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damn man [Sep. 30th, 2004|07:27 am]
IM A Wishful Thinker
[What's The Mood Of The Moment |pleasedpleased]
[Song Of The Day |Bleeding Through-On Wings Of Lead(fight song from yesterday)]

yesterday morning some kid named frank came up and started some shit now this is the guy who threatend joey and is like bigger than me so he came up and started some shit well lemme tell you first he came up and asked if i was eric manns? i onno then he said something else and dissed all my friends so i got in his face telling him about joey and he put his hands on me and he pushed me and told me if i got in his face again id get my shit spilt well i came close to hitting him once or twice and jamie was trying to get me to walk away so i wouldnt get in trouble well he wanted to act like a bad ass and call me out saying i wasnt nothing but a bitch thinking just cause he was bigger than me he thought he would scare me well i had enough and i just went at him i ran at him and hit him in the face and he bent over and i started hitting him some more then i spun him around and threw him and his head hit a locker then i jumped on top of him well it was more like standing over him and i beat his face in with one hand and the other hand was holding his head up by his hair i would have grabbed his shirt but it kept ripping also when he bent over and i spun him his ass fell out and his cock almost fell out i didnt see but i was told anyways i was beating his face in calling him names while i was doing it and i fell off him once and jumped right back on him beating him some more and all his friends were around like hit him frank hit his ass before i even ran at him and that bitch didnt hit me once he scratched me....big ass fat mother fucker bigger than me comes up starts some shit calls me a bitch and he scratches me..... anyways i started slamming his head on the ground and then beating him some more and i herd a lady calling someone on her little walkie talkie so i thought i had better hurry up and jamie and joey were like eric get off him and stop and shit but i wasnt ready to stop so i hit hinm about 7 more times then i jumped off him and i was like what now mother fucker whats up now bitch and then jamie pulled me and walked me off campus and home and we sat at home all day we mostly slept and we watched tv for about 20 minutes then we sat outside and waited for the bus to come and went and walked home with joey jake savannah and nick well i tell you there was no fight i just whooped that big fuckers ass and punked that fucking lard ass out but that was cool as shit and im proud of that fight even though i was about to walk away im still proud cause that bitch started shit with my friends and dissed my friends so i wasnt having that but anyways that bitch got what was coming so anyways im not in school today so i dont get arested or in trouble plus ive been hearing that kid wants to stab me now so i dont think i need to get stabbed right now if he even has the balls to do it which i doubt but im not in school tomarrow cause i have to go to south carolina so i will see you guys later

and on a different note....
i am absolutley in love with jamie i love her to death and she means the world to me she helps me through everything and is there for me even though i did what she didnt want me to shes me light in a tunnel and my heart

anyways ill see yall
thanks bye
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